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US Air Force Academy
US Coast Guard Academy
US Merchant Marine Academy
US Naval Academy
US Military Academy at West Point

The NOMINATION SOURCES are your Congressman, your two Senators, the Vice President, and the President. Your parents' military service determines your eligibility for the Presidential nomination.



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"It is understood that in submitting this application the parents and student subscribe to the rules and regulations of the school, and it is further understood that the fees will be paid in a timely manner. There is no fee to be sent with this application. All fees are refundable if the candidate receives a US Service Academy appointment prior to the opening of school."

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Registration, Tuition, Room, Board, books, other included items.................................$14,097

Scholarships are available! Please call us to learn more. 1-800-367-8839.

If you do not wish to pay the fees in one check, a payment schedule will be arranged.

Northwestern accepts any student of high school rank regardless of race, sex or religion who can furnish satisfactory references as to character and previous school work. Application for admission should be submitted by email or on a form you may request. The number of students is limited in order to keep classes at a minimum for effectiveness.

Incoming students will find a friendly, studious atmosphere at Northwestern Prep where standards of conduct and personal neatness are those expected of ladies and gentlemen everywhere. Minor infractions of regulations are dealt with by loss of leisure time privileges and restrictions. Serious offenses may result in dismissal. The school reserves the right to dismiss at any time any student who is delinquent in his studies or who is not in accord with the school's concept of proper conduct. The school reserves the right of final decision in all cases. Where disciplinary dismissal occurs, the school will retain, through forfeiture, any or all of the fees due and payable for the remainder of the school year.

The Northwestern Preparatory School neither promises nor attempts to make the student think that by merely attending this school the student will receive nor can be guaranteed receipt of an appointment. With application and proper guidance our students consistently, year after year, stand high in their state or district congressional competition.

Suzanne Durbeck, Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Durbeck, Provost

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