Northwestern Preparatory School, California
Oh goody, another day in which to excel!

Students may attend any college/university of their choice. The following is a sampling of just a portion of the schools students attended as they continued their education. Some were attended immediately after Northwestern Prep. Other universities are where they studied after graduating from one of the Academies or from college.

Imperial College London
Oxford University England
Harvard’s John Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University
Columbia University
New York University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Naval Post Graduate School at Monterey
US Navy Test Pilot School
Air Force Institute of Technology
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (medical school)
Vanderbilt Medical School
Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Business and Management
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State
Univ of Texas at San Antonio Graduate School
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School
University of Pittsburgh Graduate School
University of San Diego Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
Boston College
Univ of Calif Los Angeles
Univ of Calif, Berkley
Univ of Calif, Santa Barbara Graduate School
Univ of Calif Riverside
Northern Kentucky University
Univ of Colo at Boulder
The Citadel
Virginia Military Institute
Iowa State University
Arizona State University
University of Idaho
University of South Dakota
Embry-Riddle in Arizona and Florida
Univ of Mississippi at Oxford
French Air Force Academy
Chilean Air Force Academy
Texas A and M
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
University of South Carolina
The California Maritime Academy
US Air Force Academy
US Naval Academy
US Merchant Marine Academy
US Coast Guard Academy
US Military Academy at West Point